Kōsaku Hata
畑 耕作 Hata Kōsaku
Gender Male
Age 16
Occupation Student
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Voice Shintaro Asanuma
English Voice Austin Tindle
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 00
Anime Period 1

Kōsaku Hata (畑 耕作?) is a student at the Tama no Rin Agriculture School and a huge fan of national idol Yuka Kusakabe.


Kōsaku has dark olive green hair and golden eyes. His hair is straight and seemingly messed up on the tips. In the anime, his hair color is brown and his eyes are deep taupe.

Kōsaku usually seen wearing his school uniform or his farmer attire.


He is a kind and such a high-spirited person. Kōsaku can be found childish sometimes but he always put out all his effort when it comes to serious matter.

Background Edit

A childhood friend of Minori. He has a dark history with his family. He choose not to speak up about it until Ringo successfully gained his trust.


Kosaku always admired Ringo since he was little. He always tried to gain her affection by calling her the world's cutest girl. The feelings were mutual, felt the same for him.

It is later revealed at the end of the novel series, that she always loved kosaku. She confesses to him in the 8th novel, to which he reciprocates. They both form a couple and start going out.


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  • It also appears that Kōsaku prefers feet more than breasts.

Character DesignsEdit