Minori Nakazawa
中沢 農 Nakazawa Minori
Gender Female
  • Student
  • Farmer
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Voice Kana Hanazawa
English Voice Lynsey Hale
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 00
Anime Period 1
Minori Nakazawa (中沢 農) is one of Kōsaku Hata's classmates and childhood friend. She has a major crush on Kousaku and competes against Ringo for his affections.


Minori has olive hair and green eyes with olive shades. In the anime, the colors of her hair and eyes are rather brighter and lively. She has a busty figure.


It appears that she is over-protective of Kōsaku. This over-protectiveness shot up with Ringo's arrival. She even challenged her in Episode 3 to a series of contests because of that. Though after what seems to be their "fight" on the rice fields in an episode, they seemed to be friendly with each other.



Minori is the reason Ringo Kinoshita transfer to their school by sending a letter to her.


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