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Natsumi Bekki
戸次 菜摘 Bekki Natsumi
Novel 3
Gender Female
Age ~ 40
Occupation Teacher
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Voice Chiwa Saitō
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Period 1
Natsumi Bekki (戸次 菜摘 Bekki Natsumi?, also spelled "Natsumi Betsuki") is the teacher of Class 2-A Tamo Agriculture School, Kōsaku's class. Her nickname is Becky (ベッキー Bekkī?).


Becky has blonde hair and blue eyes. In the anime, her hair and eye colors are darker.


A desperate psychotic pervert who is very complexed about her single life what making her do a lot of strange stuff (oil herself and filming herself in front of a mirror,...)




Main article: Natsumi Bekki/Relationships

Character DesignsEdit

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