Natsumi Bekki
戸次 菜摘 Bekki Natsumi
Novel 3
Gender Female
Age ~ 40
Occupation Teacher
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Voice Chiwa Saitō
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Period 1
Natsumi Bekki (戸次 菜摘 Bekki Natsumi?, also spelled "Natsumi Betsuki") is the teacher of Class 2-A Tamo Agriculture School, Kōsaku's class. Her nickname is Becky (ベッキー Bekkī?).


Becky is an attractive adult woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. In the anime, her hair and eye colors are darker.


A desperate psychotic pervert who is very complexed about her single life which makes her do a lot of strange stuff (oiling herself and filming herself)


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