"Love Story of the Noob-Brained"
Norin - 01 03.27
厨脳ラブストーリー Chuno Rabu Sutōrī
Period 1
Scenario Michiko Yokote
Storyboard Shin Ounuma
Director Jin Tamamura, Shin Ounuma
Animation director Hideki Furukawa, Kouta Sera, Yuuki Sawairi, Masashi Wakayama
Chief animation director Masato Onoda
Japanese air date

January 10, 2014

Opening "I Will Meet You by the Secret Door"
Insert Song "Cordless☆Shy☆PHONE"
Previous Next
← none "King of Farmers" →

"Love Story of the Noob-Brained" (厨脳ラブストーリー Chuno Rabu Sutōrī?) is the first episode of the anime series No-Rin. The episode was written by Michiko Yokote and directed by Shin Ounuma. It was broadcast in Japan on January 10, 2014.



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