"King of Farmers"
Norin - 2 03.00
キング・オブ・ファーマーズ Kingu・obu・Fāmāzu
Period 2
Scenario Michiko Yokote
Storyboard Shinichi Watanabe
Director Yūsuke Onoda
Animation director Masashi Wakayama, Kedama Furuya, Ichirowo Ogawa
Chief animation director Hideki Furukawa
Japanese air date

January 10, 2014

Opening "I Will Meet You by the Secret Door"
Ending "Freshly・Picked・Today♥Fruits Girls"
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Love Story of the Noob-Brained Super Mother-in-Law Wars: Training Arc
King of Farmers (キング・オブ・ファーマーズ Kingu・obu・Fāmāzu?) is the second episode of No-Rin anime series.



In order of appearances.


Adapted FromEdit


Major EventsEdit

  • Kōsaku found out that Ringo was Yuka Kusakabe


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