"Super Mother-in-Law Wars: Training Arc"
スーパー姑大戦 実習篇 Sūpā Shūtome Taisen: Jisshū-hen
Period 3
Scenario Michiko Yokote
Storyboard Akitaro Daichi
Director Koji Sawai
Animation director Eri Sano, Norikazu Hattori, Mariko Aoki
Chief animation director Hideki Furukawa
Japanese air date

January 17, 2014

Opening "I Will Meet You by the Secret Door"
Ending "Minori's Crazy Future Forecast♥"
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King of Farmers The Smile You Showed
Super Mother-in-Law Wars: Training Arc (スーパー姑大戦 実習篇 Sūpā Shūtome Taisen: Jisshū-hen?) is the third episode of No-Rin anime series.


Kosaku is devastated to find Minori has thrown away all his Yuka Kusakabe merchandise, even his favourite body pillow. Meanwhile it is Ringo's first day farming with the other students and Minori is determined not to be beaten by an ex idol from the big city.


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