No-Rin Light Novel Volume 1
Novel 1
Author Shirow Shiratori
Illustration Kippu
Publisher SB Creative
Release Date August 15, 2011
ISBN Number ISBN 978-4-7973-6690-7
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none Volume 2
The first light novel of No-Rin centers around the daily life of Kōsaku Hata and his companions in Tamo Agricultural School, and his meeting with the mysterious transfer student Ringo Kinoshita.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

I will whisper you more about the outfield life

Prefectural Tamo Agricultural High School――Nicknamed "No-Rin." Within there, the boys and girls who devote their youth for agricultural life gathers, and it was the human race's last paradi――
"A cattle ran awaaayyyy!!"
Shut up! Let me say the story in silence!! Ah, ahem. My name is Kōsaku Hata. I am a student of here―"No-Rin," and I'm a bit idol-otaku as a high schooler.
In such a school I attend, there's a new transfer student, my admired super-popular idol―Yuka Kusakabe-tan……!? Speaking in childhood friend's dialect, glasses-bishōjo, lovely animals, and great-breasted girl! There's also a teacher of delusions! Panties! Foot fetish! And then, mysterious transfer student…… Here, everything of youth is around!! Prodigy of Shirow Shiratori's written agricultural academic love-comedy! Now, it's the Autumn (time) to harvest!!

The first favorite light novel bookstore awards' first winner!




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